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Nils has done an amazing job in this book of breaking down difficult concepts (often nebulous) that surround leadership into a framework that you can make progress with. You often read books that are "pie in the sky" but this book clearly wants to give you a sense of forward progress.
I recommend this to any stage leader - this will force you to look at all aspects of you in order to pick the right path forward.
-- Jeff B
Regardless of whether you're an aspiring leader, new leader, or seasoned, this book has really great frameworks and lessons that you can implement right away.

I tried several and saw immediate results, which is so refreshing! To know that I'm walking in the footsteps of effective leaders by incorporating these strategies in my own leadership is incredibly reassuring, and gives me confidence to build something great!

-- Melissa B


This book came at a good time. I needed a grounding in my leadership style. I started reading and could not put it down. There are useful information and some reminders of why and how to inspire a team and yourself. The book both inspired new ideas and reminded me why I wanted to become a leader.

-- Paul P


Nils' specialty is his ability to break things down to bite sizes and share exactly how to get from point A to point B. This book breaks down how to think like a leader (leading yourself) and instill leadership qualities in your day to day tasks and actions (leading others).

He breaks down challenging concepts managers typically struggle with (ex: difficult conversations, managing up), and he walks you through practical ways to better approach these situations to drive better results/ outcomes. I am requiring my whole team to read this book.

-- Dion D


This was a great read, it really goes into depth about how to self reflect and use that self reflection to become a great leader. The playbook gives you very specific rules and guidelines to follow to help you evolve as a leader and really build a team that's inspired, motivated and feels valued under your leadership.

I also like how the 30-day playbook is broken down so you can not only learn and read about how to become a better leader but you are also allowed time to implement all of the newly learned strategies into your career.

Good leadership is very important for any organization and this playbook will help your organization by helping leaders reach their full potential.

-- Shanai A

About The Author: Nils Vinje
Nils Vinje accelerated from individual contributor to Vice President in 30 months.
Every team he ran became a high-performing team. The process behind how he did this formed the foundation of his leadership coaching.
Once Nils' clients started using his playbook, the results were remarkable. Nils' playbook which was once reserved only for his private clients, is now your playbook.
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