Grow A Team Of Elite Leaders
Imagine what your business might look like if you had a team of Elite Leaders.
  • Build teams of Elite Leaders, who take ownership of their roles and the results they deliver to the company
  • Create a culture of excellence, where all levels of employees strive for consistent excellence
  • Achieve amazing results, together - by giving your leaders communication, management, and leadership frameworks that work in the REAL world
We've Worked with Leaders from these Top Organizations
Your organization is only as strong as your front-line leaders. I chose the B2B Leaders Academy to ensure that I have the absolute best front-line leaders who then invest in everyone in my organization. When you invest in your front-line leaders, you invest in everyone."
Wayne McCulloch
Chief Customer Officer at WalkMe
Imagine having a Team of ELITE Leaders,
Driving Your Organization...
Imagine what it would be like, if your organization was filled with Elite Leaders...

Leaders who take ownership and accountability for their decisions and actions.

Leaders who empower, inspire, and support those around them.

Leaders who treat the organization like their own, and make decisions for the greater good of the company.

Here at B2B Leaders Academy, we believe that this should be the reality at ALL organizations.

You see, while we all want to build our people up, and develop leaders - there aren't a lot of resources out there that TRULY builds elite, long term leaders.
In fact, most "leadership programs" out there today:
  • Teach or emphasize techniques that are all theory-based and have never been tested in the real world
  • A lot of what's taught is also outdated, and hasn't been adapted to our fast paced, and ever changing business environment
  • Is disjointed, and doesn't take human psychology or human nature into account
We want to change that, and help organizations build Elite Leaders across all levels of the business.

Which is why we focus on these 4 key leadership pillars.
The 4 Pillars of Leadership
1. Leading Yourself
You have claimed your strengths, mastered your time, and bulletproofed your leadership psychology.
2. Leading Others
You have implemented a new social contract, you are emotionally intelligent, you set expectations and drive accountability.
3. Leading with Communication
You create unstoppable presentations, you apply your expertise through a framework, other leaders admire your execution.
4. Leading with Metrics
You know how to measure anything and everything that is important, your tracking and reporting is flawless, you set targets and drive accountability.
Want to build a team of Elite Leaders within your organization?

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Knowing that Nils is partnering with our leaders to systematically build their leadership skills every month gives MindBridge the confidence to know that we will be able to meet the leadership challenges of our growing business."
Kelsey Trevor
Executive Director, Human Resources at MindBridge
Building Elite Leaders is as Easy as 1, 2, 3...
Book A Call
On the call, we will discuss your specific and unique situation along with the challenges being faced by your leaders.
Get A Customized Plan
We will present a plan to take your leaders to the Elite level that involves Content, Community, and Coaching.
Enroll Your Leaders
Once you have the plan, the only thing left to do is execute it. The leader(s) you choose to put in the program will be set up for success from Day 1.
Book A Call
On the call, we will discuss your specific and unique situation along with the challenges being faced by your leaders.
Get A Customized Plan
We will present a plan to take your leaders to the Elite level that involves Content, Community, and Coaching.
Enroll Your Leaders
Once you have the plan, the only thing left to do is execute it. The leader(s) you choose to put in the program will be set up for success from Day 1.
Case Studies
Builds Team Identity And Sees Employee Engagement Soar

Tameeka GilChrist
Manager, Customer Success at WalkMe
Takes A Two-Week Vacation And Everything Runs Like A Machine While She Is Gone
Alana Stoczko
Senior Manager, Professional Services at WalkMe
Gets Promoted To Director After Using This Rarely Used Leadership Skill
Elise Miller
Director of Services, Consultants at WalkMe
Markets Leadership, Gets Voice Back, Builds Trust
Gary Rubinstein
Head of Customer Success, APAC at WalkMe
Builds Framework, Communicates At An Executive Level
Chris Klass
Director, L&D at WalkMe
Builds Repeatable Systems, Takes Time Off, Feels Great
Nate Campbell
Manager, Strategic Consultants at WalkMe
B2B Leaders Academy
Empowers Front-Line Leaders With the Tools to Confidently Handle Any Leadership Situation
B2B Elite Leaders Academy
This program has enabled me to be a much more intentional leader - intentional with my time, my team, and a better coach and mentor.

It's 100% worth the time and investment - It's easy to put to practice and allows you to implement a little at a time.

Vice President
This program could not have come at a better time. I have been struggling with a number of challenging things at work and I was feeling stuck.

There were so many valuable and simple things that you shared that helped me change my mindset and realize that I could make an impact on myself and my team and ultimately come out of this tough time more resilient and ready to keep going.

Vice President
I had looked into several leadership programs and books. I am confident that I made the right choice by selecting this program.

I thoroughly enjoyed hearing how others in the program have applied Nils' strategies right away and seen results on the live Q&A calls.

It's very motivating and I'm confident I will be using these strategies over the next 10 years.

Nils, I am so incredibly grateful to have encountered you and had the opportunity to join this program. It was so much of what I needed, at the right time, that I didn't know how to ask for.

The guidance and structure of the content and resources, the real-life stories contained, how immediately applicable so much of it is but that it also forms a toolkit I know I'll reference for my career.

How you maintained structure in the delivery but it was so personable and participatory.

How from the very beginning you helped shift my perspective and how I felt by thinking about what positive changes this work would represent for me.

Going into the program, there were aspects of my leadership I felt very good about, things that had maybe come naturally.

The program defined those things and gave me a structure to keep doing them. In that way, it was very validating.

There were also aspects of my leadership I knew I needed help with but didn't know how to tackle.

Again, now I have a structure to build my own plans on. Now I know how to talk about my work in an interview, to a new boss, an existing boss, a board.

I feel more confident as a VP as a result of working with Nils.

I was able to immediately use the exercises and it has already made a huge impact on my team and reputation at work.
B2B Leaders Academy
How is this program different from Nils’ book, 30 Day Leadership Playbook?
Buying the book without joining the B2B Leaders Academy is like reading a textbook without attending the lectures.
You can't only learn the content. You need to master it. The B2B Leaders Academy shows you exactly how to execute the concepts so you KNOW you're leading the right way.
The training provided through the Content area of the B2B Leaders Academy breaks down all of the leadership topics into modules and walks you through the concepts step by step at a pace that is realistic and ensures you'll improve your leadership skills every month.
Plus, connecting with a worldwide community of leaders and getting access to coaching are exclusively available inside the B2B Leaders Academy.
What exactly does the B2B Leaders Academy include?
The B2B Leaders Academy has 3 main components:

1) Content

2) Community

3) Coaching



What I have found after more than 10 years as a leadership coach is that focus is key to leadership success.

There are currently 15 modules (more are being created) in the B2B Leaders Academy. These 15 modules are spread across the 4 Pillars of Leadership - Leading Yourself, Leading Others, Leading With Communication, and Leading With Metrics.

Each module contains...

- Short 2-5 minute training videos which lay out a step-by-step leadership development plan to put everything in the module into action...

Everyone in the B2B Leaders Academy chooses one module to focus on every 30 days. This is how we ensure you will develop your leadership skills every single month.


The B2B Leaders Academy is comprised of a diverse group of leaders from around the world. We have members from small to medium to large companies spanning many different industries.

Leadership is the common thread that joins us together. Whether you are in a small company with a small leadership role or a large company with a large leadership role, the fundamentals of great leadership equally apply.

The community comes together in the following ways:

- Weekly leadership masterminds so you can get diverse perspectives from around the world...
- Monthly checkpoints to make sure everyone is making progress every single month...
- Leadership workshops on a specific topic chosen by the community...
- Guest experts join to share leadership advice in an intimate setting...
- We celebrate wins together every week!


Some elements of coaching naturally happen in the leadership masterminds. But, there is an option for those who want to get more personalized 1:1 coaching directly from Nils.

With the Premium license option, you get access to a private 1:1 coaching chat thread with Nils.

In this thread, you can ask a question at any time and Nils will always get back to you within one business day.

The fastest way to make consistent progress is to have a leadership coach available via text at any time. The Premium option allows for this level of personalized coaching to happen.

What kinds of results have other people gotten with the B2B Leaders Academy?
We celebrate "wins" in the Academy every single week. Here are a few recent wins from members...

- Ayman is saving 1-2 hours a day after mastering his time!

- Chris was able to communicate the value his new team delivered so that everyone knew who they were and what they did!

- Alana's team shared unsolicited feedback about how much they appreciate her approach of not having answers and instead coming to the table with questions!

- Esraa was promoted as a result of demonstrating leadership inside her company!

- Adam created a schedule to ensure he mastered his time and this has created all the space he needs to be creative, work strategically, and continue to get everything done!

- Jessi led her team through an exercise to define their personal SLAs (service level agreements). This way, they will all be upfront and clear about a reasonable response time to each other and other teams!

- Doris optimized her routine and now feels a lot more energy throughout the day!

- Rod used the framework and presentation trainings to close several deals sooner than he originally forecasted!

- Dennis used the Leading With Metrics tools to drive the performance of his team to a new KPI. They successfully hit their quarterly target after implementing this strategy!


These are just a few of the many wins that get shared every week and every month in the B2B Leaders Academy.

Check out more case studies in the sections above on this page.

Does the B2B Leaders Academy include practical examples so I can see how it’s done?
Yes! Everything in the B2B Leaders Academy is designed to be actionable and easy to implement.
There is no theory in this program, only strategies and tactics that come from more than 10 years of working as a leadership coach.

Every strategy in the program has been implemented by Nils, tested by his clients, and delivered results.

I feel like I pretty much know Nils’ Leadership Framework already. Why should my leaders join the B2B Leaders Academy?
I bet that means you've read my book, *30 Day Leadership Playbook*. If so, thank you! I hope that learning the 4 Pillars Leadership Framework has already given you lots of "aha" moments about your leadership and some positive results.

Simply knowing the Framework will change your leadership. But if you want to transform it, you need to learn how to apply what you know.

That's what the B2B Leaders Academy will do for you. It's full of countless examples that bring the Framework to life. It will equip you and inspire you to apply the Framework to every aspect of your leadership.

Plus, when you connect with our worldwide community of leaders, you get to tap into their knowledge, experience, and expertise.

The people who see the most dramatic leadership success aren't necessarily the people who simply understand the theory. It's the people who know how to apply it.

At this point, It's like you've just gone and read a book that's all about sailing. You know all the knots to tie and gear to pack and pitfalls to avoid. Now you're ready for the fun part: applying what you've learned by actually getting out there to sail!

How do I know if I’m doing leadership right? Will the B2B Leaders Academy help?
Trying to figure out how to become a great leader on your own can feel like walking through a dense forest without a flashlight. It's hard to know if you're on the right path.
You're so close to your own actions that it's hard to objectively see where you need to focus. If you do identify an area to focus on, then you have to find the right strategy for that area.
Sometimes, the examples of leadership you've experienced in your career are not the best examples to draw from.

This program demystifies leadership. You can trust you're doing it right. Why? Because you're simply following a framework that's proven to Lead Yourself, Lead Others, Lead With Communication, and Lead With Metrics.

If you can learn a strategy and integrate it into your day-to-day life, you can become an incredible leader.

And don't forget: both myself and the entire B2B Leaders Academy community will be there to support you every step of the way.

What if my company won't reimburse me for the cost of the program?
Elite Leaders know that any investmernt they make in themselves will always pay the greatest ROI of any investment they ever make.
If you don't join the B2B Leaders Academy, what is the cost of...

- Losing out on your next promotion because you didn't effectively market your leadership?

- Telling your team what to do because you have all the answers?

- Getting to the end of the day and knowing you were really busy but you're not 100% sure of what you actually got done?

- Feeling like you have to figure everything out for yourself when it comes to leadership?

- Suffering through yet another book club meeting next quarter?

- Wondering if next year will be the year you finally get recognized for your incredible value and get promoted?

Do you offer invoicing options?
Yes, book a call with Nils to discuss the details.
My leaders are so busy. As great as the B2B Leaders Academy sounds, I can't imagine them finding the time for this program right now. Any advice?
It's really important to take an honest look at what is important vs what is urgent. There are probably a lot of things on the plates of your leaders right now that are urgent but how many are important?

How important is it to develop leadership skills? When it comes to leadership, it's not always urgent but it's always important.

Empower your leaders to take the time to invest in themselves. If you do, your leadership will change and improve the lives of everyone around you. Your team will work more efficiently.

Before long, every leader will easily save the time invested in the B2B Leaders Academy.

Plus, the training content is available 24/7 on any device, so they can learn during their commute, during their workout, or anywhere that's convenient.

The weekly leadership mastermind calls happen at the same time every week so they can choose the best time to attend based on their schedule.

How will my leaders access the materials?
The content of the program is 100% digital so you don't have to wait for anything to arrive via the postal service.
Your leaders will be able to access the training on their time from any device anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

The community comes together every week over Zoom calls. There are two call options to account for time zones.

The two calls happen on Wednesdays at 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET and 4 PM PT / 7 PM ET.

Members can choose which call to come to based on your schedule and you are welcome to come to either each week.

The coaching happens in the weekly calls and those who have a Premium license will get access to a private 1:1 coaching chat thread with Nils that is available inside the B2B Leaders Academy.

They can contact Nils at any time and he will always get back to them within 1 business day.

How much time should I expect my leaders to spend in the program?
This program features Nils' exclusive LTI System which stands for Leadership Tool Integration System.

Most leadership training starts by taking leaders away from their job for a 1-3-5 day seminar where they teach you a ton and then expect you to remember everything when you get back to your work.

Nils' LTI System begins with the premise that your leaders are already busy doing their job.

This design enables everything to be integrated into their life. Here's what I mean by that...

There is time that they will spend watching the 2-5 minute training videos and going through the associated exercises for the area they are focusing on for the month.

Then, they will integrate the tools into their daily life. Since they are already busy having 1:1's, conversations with their boss, giving presentations, etc. they will be able to integrate the tools I teach into all of these activities.

Every Wednesday they have the option to join one of two leadership mastermind calls where they can get a diverse set of perspectives on their biggest leadership challenges and the topics most important to them.

When they integrate the tools taught in this program into their daily life, you'll get immediate results.

How long do my leaders have to access the materials?
They will have access to everything in the B2B Leaders Academy as long as they are a member in good standing.
I have Managers and Directors reporting to me, will this program work for them?
Yes! This program is designed specifically for managers and directors.
Some of my leaders have been a manager for X years, will this program work for them?
Regardless of the number of years of experience your leaders have in a people-leadership position, they can always improve and become Elite Leaders.

If you don't think they can improve and believe that they know everything they need to know when it comes to leadership, this program is 100% not for them.

Nils has coached leaders at all levels from individual contributors all the way up to C-level executives and after 10 years, it's clear that no leader is perfect.

I have new managers, will this program work for them?
Yes! As long as they have an open mind and commit to becoming an Elite Leader, the B2B Leaders Academy will work for them.

What they get out of the program will be a direct reflection of what you put into the program.

I have people who are not a manager yet, is this program still for them?
Yes! One of the most difficult things to do is only learn about leadership once they are in a leadership position. If they are committed and follow the program, they can feel confident and well-prepared for when they get into a leadership position.
I’m a VP, will this program work for me?
VPs have gone through and received a tremendous amount of value from the program.
However, we've found that most VPs prefer to have a closer relationship with Nils. 
Options are available, book a call with Nils to find out more if you are a VP.
Is this a 1:1 or a group-based program?
This is a group-based program with a 1:1 option. The Premium license includes access to a private 1:1 coaching chat thread with Nils. In this private area, leaders are free to ask Nils any question at any time and always get a response within 1-business day.
What if my leaders can’t make it to one of the weekly calls, are they recorded?
We record the workshops and special guest calls.

We do not record the leadership mastermind calls so that they remain a safe place for everyone to discuss any leadership topic.

What if I have a question you haven't covered yet? Or questions about these questions?
Book a call with Nils or send an email to suppo[email protected] and we'll get your questions addressed.
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