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Growing Your Leadership Skills Should Not Be a Mystery
The cost of not consistently developing your leadership skills is enormous.
  • You'll keep feeling like an "impostor"
  • You will keep repeating the same mistakes over and over
  • Your team will lose trust in you
  • You won't get that next promotion
  • You'll keep guessing at which path leads to leadership success
  • You won't become the leader you have always wanted to be
You don't have to fake it till you make it. Join the B2B Leaders Academy and get everything you need to become the leader you have always wanted to be.
Get everything you need to grow your leadership skills.
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Our ever-growing library of on-demand training will take the mystery out of growing your leadership skills.
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Every week, Nils hosts a member-only live leadership Q&A so you can get your questions answered.
Leadership Development Plan
We don't just give you the training and leave you to it. You'll get a leadership development plan to execute every month.
What do you get with the B2B Leaders Academy?
  • Access to all on-demand training
  • Access to weekly small group leadership masterminds
  • A leadership development plan every 30 days
  • Leadership scorecard
  • Workbooks and exercises to complete
Meet Nils Vinje, Your Leadership Coach
  • Author of the best-selling book 30 Day Leadership Playbook...
  • Certified Leadership Coach with over 500+ hours of 1:1 client work...
  • Successfully built high-performing teams...
  • MBA in Management and Organizational Behavior...
  • Trusted leadership coach of managers, directors, VPs, and C-level executives
  • Accelerated from an individual contributor to a Vice President in 30 months...
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Master Key Leadership Skills
There are 4 main pillars of leadership. Leading Yourself, Leading Others, Leading With Communication, Leading With Metrics. We'll help you master them all.
Become The Leader You Have Always Wanted To Be
Being a great leader isn't hard, you just need a guide and the right set of tools. Get access to the B2B Leaders Academy and feel confident about growing your leadership skills every month.
Case Studies
Builds Team Identity And Sees Employee Engagement Soar
Takes A Two-Week Vacation And Everything Runs Like A Machine While She Is Gone
Gets Promoted To Director After Using This Rarely Used Leadership Skill
Markets Leadership, Gets Voice Back, Builds Trust
Saves 5-7 Hours Per Week, Focuses On Strategic Initiatives
Builds Framework, Communicates At An Executive Level
Stops Having All The Answers, Has More Strategic Conversations With Her Team
Takes Care Of Herself, Puts Her Team First
Builds Repeatable Systems, Takes Time Off, Feels Great
Delivers Unstoppable Presentation, Gets Close To 100% Project Adoption
Markets Leadership, Builds Cross-Functional Relationships In Record Time
Bulletproofs Leadership Psychology, Transforms From Good To Great
This program could not have come at a better time. I have been struggling with a number of challenging things at work and I was feeling stuck.

There were so many valuable and simple things that you shared that helped me change my mindset and realize that I could make an impact on myself and my team and ultimately come out of this tough time more resilient and ready to keep going.
- Cameron, Vice President
I was able to immediately use the exercises and it has already made a huge impact on my team and reputation at work.
- Michael, Director
I had looked into several leadership programs and books. I am confident that I made the right choice by selecting this program.

I thoroughly enjoyed hearing how others in the program have applied Nils' strategies right away and seen results on the live Q&A calls.

It's very motivating and I'm confident I will be using these strategies over the next 10 years.
- Ashley, Manager
Going into the program, there were aspects of my leadership I felt very good about, things that had maybe come naturally.

The program defined those things and gave me a structure to keep doing them. In that way, it was very validating.

There were also aspects of my leadership I knew I needed help with but didn't know how to tackle.

Again, now I have a structure to build my own plans on. Now I know how to talk about my work in an interview, to a new boss, an existing boss, a board.
- Russell, Director
Nils, I am so incredibly grateful to have encountered you and had the opportunity to join this program. It was so much of what I needed, at the right time, that I didn't know how to ask for.

The guidance and structure of the content and resources, the real-life stories contained, how immediately applicable so much of it is but that it also forms a toolkit I know I'll reference for my career.

How you maintained structure in the delivery but it was so personable and participatory.

How from the very beginning you helped shift my perspective and how I felt by thinking about what positive changes this work would represent for me.
- Danielle, Director
This program has enabled me to be a much more intentional leader - intentional with my time, my team, and a better coach and mentor.

It's 100% worth the time and investment - It's easy to put to practice and allows you to implement a little at a time.
- Kristi, Vice President
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